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Chibi music pones by Ardail
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic by viwrastupr
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7th Anniversary Of MLP by kuren247
Seven Years by joeyh3
MLP movie: let go big adventure! by Helsaabi
PieDash Adventure by Shivannie
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MLP_Cutie Marks Crusaders by Xaneas
Fine Art of Friendship by CloudDG
Its Time... For Hugs and Snuggles!!! by SpellboundCanvas
Girls Want To Hear A Diamond Joke by TomFraggle
Royalty and Villains
Tempest Shadow (patreon reward) by Koviry
Princess Skystar by Clarichi
Codex Clipping 3 by NathanTheMoldy
Tempest Shadow - You pretty good by JoeMasterPencil
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Tempest by TheNightDarkSecret
War of dragons and tyranids by Das-Leben
Zecora, yo by Kenisu-of-Dragons
Grifs Together Strong by Kenisu-of-Dragons
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I Want You Here With Me (Templestia) by SilverWolf866
An Antagonist's Princess by JackMuir
The Pie is a Lie by EmeraldBlast63
Just two pegasis on the cloud by malamol
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Sunset Serious by Uponia
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AppleJack (Movie Hype) by Catifornia
Twilight Sparkle en la Playa by Riouku
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ES' Shorts 072: ''MLP News #2'' [UPDATE] by EStories
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Lesson 3: Page 12 by xXAngeLuciferXx
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YCH - live photo by utauYan
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Let Your Hair Down by qatsby
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Tempest shadow Plush by nekokevin
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A magical experience by Shadeila
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Princess of the... what?! (54) by Kasaler
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20 Psycho Pumpkin by SaturnStar14
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Inktober 09: Clockwork and Citrus by Colonel-Majora-777
Hello everyone!

This is just a reminder that our group has subfolders that are meant to be used too. There are tons of pictures we have to decline if they're not in the right folder or are placed in the main folder instead of the subfolder.

For example: many people put Princess Luna or Nightmare Moon in the main folder of Royalty and Villains when she has to go into her subfolder.
Same goes for a picture of Twilight into Royalty and Villains when she needs to be in her subfolder in the Mane Six + Spike folder.

Please check twice before submitting your picture and if you have questions you can always ask them.

x SaturnStar
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